It was a peaceful beautiful early morning in Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945 and Kama was going to begin his lesson at school as usual. Suddenly, a terrible heat blew away the whole class and buried everything. Fortunately, the little faint boy was found and rescued when the whole city was engulfed in smoke and fire by the atomic bomb. When he regained consciousness, he suffered lots of injuries all over and the sorrow over the death of his parents and a brother at a mechanical factory near the atomic bombing site. Being one of A-bomb orphans after that, Kama was also sent to an orphanage and raised by the Japanese government.

         At the age of 18, Kama moved to Tokyo and worked as an apprentice of a watchmaking workshop. For his exemplary diligence, intelligence and creativity, his boss highly evaluated Kama and taught him all valuable experience. Kama then became one of the best watchmaker of the workshop. He married the company’s accountant ten years later and they have had two children named SANTOSO (peaceful - tranquil) and Ruby. It is a happy family with full of joy and peace.

         SRWATCH, for the passion, devotion, and long experience of watchmaking, was founded in 1985 by the Kama family. SRWATCH, the combination of his two children’s name, marks a new era for watch industry - a national watch brand. SRWATCH offers a wide variety of designs and styles for not only the upper class of statesmen, businessmen or artists but also the masses of white – collar workers, housewives or even teenagers. Therefore, SRWATCH is always a reasonable and wise choice of customers.

         SRWATCH models are integrated advanced technology with innovative designs. Each quality watch is made precisely of Japanese movement, stainless steel case and especially sapphire crystal.  Every single timepiece is tested to extremes before launching to ensure that all SRWATCH watches meet the durability and accuracy of Japanese standards. For these reasons SRWATCH always satisfies the demand and high expectations for the best affordable and fine timepieces.

SRWATCH is now a prestigious and highly trusted brand name not only in Japan but also all around the globe.